This series of images follows a Karen family and the close community of tribes that surrounds them. The project explores the modernisation of the tribes and looks to challenge the preconceptions linked to the hill-tribes.

Due to the development and Westernisation of the general Thailand culture and its minority groups, some of these tribes are abandoning their traditional lifestyles in favour of a more modern way of living. Many of the younger generations are leaving the villages to find work in the cities, and with the help from various charities and village communities, more and more people with a hill tribe background now have access to a good education, healthcare and citizenship. This in turn is leading to a change in the preconceptions of these tribes and some of their traditions are beginning to slowly disappear.

Like-wise, although a slowly decreasing group, some still choose to continue living and preserving a traditional way of life. The family, their friends and villages featured in this book live between these two ways of life, with various jobs, lifestyles and interests between them.

This page features images shown in both the full book, and exhibited in:

Opus 2016
The Print-space Trajectory 2016 (Online).
AppleJuice Magazine (Online).

The project is available to buy as a book 'Ta O Moo'.

Ta O Moo is available for £15 including postage to within the UK.

Prints from this project and it's outtakes are also available to buy.

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